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Speaking From Experience...

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Mr. Maccario is President of Dental Management Sciences, LLC, a business management firm for dental practices. Bob is a veteran of the dental field, with over 40 years of experience. He earned his M. B. A. from Pepperdine University.

He has taught the Dental Concierge™ Turn your patients into guests, in the US and Canada. The Dental Concierge® Club program is a complete system to incorporate and highlight guest’s services into a practice. He also teaches the Dental MBA™ Creating an Ethical Competitive Advantage. This program utilizes proven business systems to highlight clinical excellence. Both of these programs emphasize the implementation and marketing of oral systemic dentistry into practices on a sound business basis. Bob currently is the business manager for several practices in the US and consults with several national dental companies.


Previously, he created a business school curriculum for a national post graduate dental institute. He has held a faculty position at University of Pacific Dental School as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. He owned and operated a large commercial dental laboratory in Oakland, California for 18 years prior to managing dental practices.


He is a popular speaker to the major national meetings, ADA, AACD, AAOSH and has had articles published numerous dental publications. He participates in various business/dental organizations and a member of AAOSH, AAPP, and is President of Virginia Range Wildlife Protection Association, a 501c Non Profit dedicated to protecting the wild mustang horses in Nevada. He lives with his wife, Kari in Virginia City, Nevada. You can contact him by email here or 1-800-332-0363 ext 2#.

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