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  Creating an Ethical Competitive Advantage...

  Cost of Business

  If you’re a private practice, corporate dentistry is not your biggest threat- if it is a threat at all. Your biggest

  threat it not knowing your real cost of business. Without knowing your cost, you can’t make the best decisions

  on technology, hiring and marketing. No longer is a “a checkbook approach, whatever is left at the end of the 

  month is mine” going to cut it.

  • Know your cost of business- per hour/per operatory.

  • Maximize your sources of revenue - other than your hard work

  • As consumerization continue to evolve, the “dinosaur logic” of analog thinking Vs. digital thinking must be abandoned.

  Seamless Integrated Partnering (SIP)

  The idea of “getting to the next level” is a worn-out cliché, and it must be left behind. A new practice strategy

  has emerged that will demand new thinking as it pertains to business relationships. This business strategy, is

  known as Seamless Integrating Partnering™ (SIP). What in the past might have been viewed by practices as a

  “pure expense,” now under the SIP model, such costs are better viewed as investments. Those businesses

  previously thought of as mere vendors get considered “strategic partners” who can profoundly influence a

  practice’s success. In turn, these strategic partners consider their resources your resources; they actively seek

  out new ways to improve your business/practice. They actively look on your behalf for new and innovative

  ways to leverage resources.


  • A SIP approach means new thinking, examining new protocols for patient care without abandoning the traditional values of clinical excellence.

  • SIP will require collaboration and new partnerships to improve the quality of the consumer/patient experience.

  • The potential pool of dental veterans that can make the leap into the consumer era will not meet the employment demands, Dentistry will have to recruit from outside the field.

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