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Consumerization of your Dental Practice…

                                             Creating an Ethical Competitive Advantage

  • Consumers are being called upon to take a greater hand in managing their own health and paying for their own healthcare.

  • The Oral Systemic Connection will become the foundation for the integration of dental care, medical care and consumerization.

  • The Business of Dentistry is no longer just the domain of “Corporate” Dentistry.

       What care you provide to your patients is a medical question and well positioned for your professional 

       judgment. “How” or “If” you provide care is a practice structure question.

      The most successful healthcare providers will understand and adapt to the new consumer environment.

      With this knowledge, they can build an Ethical Competitive Advantage.



   Today’s health care consumer is moving rapidly out of the traditionally-passive recipient of care, prescribed  

   and financed by others.

  • With reduced employer participation, employees are taking charge of their own health care.

  • Wellness and “Self-Care” are becoming a lifestyle choice for both personal health and budget concerns.

  • Health Policy Institute May 2016- For the majority of adults, total copayments, coinsurance and premiums exceed the market value of their dental care.

  Ethical business practices highlight and enhance clinical outcomes, not detract from them -

  “Quality of care is the focus. Profitability is the byproduct.”


The Oral Systemic Connection

  As the science continues to evolve, traditional dental treatment will continue to mature into a “Wellness” 

  approach to care.

  • A comprehensive oral systemic examination is becoming the “Standard of Care”.

  • A comprehensive oral systemic examination will require an increased multi-directional channel of communication between all healthcare providers and the consumer.

  • Multi-directional communication between healthcare providers is going to be critical for risk assessment and practice liability.

  An oral systemic approach to care can illuminate healthcare areas of concern prior to the destruction of  

  tissue or exacerbating current patient healthcare issues-The best value in healthcare is staying healthy.


The Business of Dentistry

  No longer the sole domain of “corporate” dentistry. Every practice; solo, group or a network of locations, be

  it privately owned or investor owned must face this new consumer environment.

  • Marketing to the healthcare care consumer is different from marketing in other consumer businesses. It’s more about messaging—conveying information to patients that will modify their behavior and bring about better outcomes.

  • With healthcare insurance company’s consolidation and reduced employer participation, employees are now scrutinizing the value of insurance plans.

  • Consumers demand full transparency, beginning with personalized care and concern for the patient’s well-being, which includes their wallet and their schedule.

  In response, patients are quickly becoming better informed, more discriminating on price and quality, and 

  increasingly willing to walk away from poor service.

  Manage your practice at the same level you provide clinical care.

  Strategies and Tactics

  If your strategy is correct but your tactics flawed, you may experience marginal success.

  If your tactics are solid but your strategy wrong, you can accelerate failure.

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